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To Build or Buy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

To Build or Buy - Essay ExampleIn order to run a similar business and attract customers from the other already established stores, one needs tactics and strategies to succeed. One of the main strategies is to start the business and sell goods according to the market trends (Mooney, 2011). In the current world, many things change in the sporting arena, and individuals should take note of these, before deciding on the type of stock to have at the shop. A particular change is the popularity of certain games like football and rugby in the community. Some items from popular games will guarantee an individual better sale as compared to items that are associated with a different game. For instance, rugby and football (soccer) have many supporters as compared to the other games. This shows that there is a higher likelihood for a company or supporter to buy clothes and sporting equipment in bulk from the shop as compared to the other shops. However, it is equally important to stock the shop with all types of games clothing and equipment.


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